The tour in the favela will take you to a home of a local artist inside the Favela Paraisópolis, the largest in Latin America, his name is Estevão Silva da Conceição.


Estevão is not an architect, has never studied and does not need models to do his work. It is born unconsciously, as he rolls the irons and fills the spaces with cement and pieces of crockery, bibelos and any kind of material and objects that fascinates him. Estevão's house, called by him as The House of Decorated Stone, and by all the others of the favela as Little Castle , is integrated to the garden. From the top of the house, where the garden is, you can have a panoramic view of much of the favela. It's impressive.


There he lives with his wife and couple teenage kids, under star-clad decorated ceilings and decorated walls that transform each room into a magical place.


The tour lasts 4 hours. The couple charges a small fee for the visitation.

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